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This wiki is the center of my online universe. It serves as whiteboard, cocktail napkin, and memory supplement. It is also where I keep documentation and notes related to my projects and to development in general.

A list of my most active current projects is listed at right. For a more complete list of these projects and other themes and topics of special interest within this wiki, see the Categories page.


2015.03.23 Added profile to StackOverflow Careers
2015.03.18 Reached 2000 points on StackOverflow
2015.02.07 Signed up for MailChimp
2015.02.05 jQuery Idleness Monitor
2015.01.19 Joined Flickchart

Past Announcements

Wikka Development

I chose the wikka code to run this wiki because it is built with php/mysql, is open source, and runs a bit more nimbly than other packages.

With my upgrade to wikka version 1.2, I've resumed developing my own wikka code features and themes.

For more information, including a list of features I am working on, see ProjectWikka