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=====Best Practices=====

==== Design / Management ====
~- Devs don't work on anything that is not on a written user story / ticket / Trello card.
~- Product owners own requirements, devs own implementation (not the other way around).
~- WYSIATI (What You See Is All There Is) so look for what you're missing.
~~- When you have a tough question, resist the impulse to answer a simpler one.
~~- Be bold enough to admit when you don't understand something but adult enough to figure it out on your own if necessary.
~~- Always discuss the cons. If you can't name any cons to whatever you're doing, you're conning yourself.
~- A loose metric is better than no metric but a false metric is worse than no metric at all.
~- Begin with the interface and work backwards from that.

====Web Development====
~- Don't rewrite, extend (e.g. Rails gems or WordPress plugins).
~- Follow Rule of 3s to avoid premature optimization.
~- Code explains what or how, comments explain why.
~- Better to ask forgiveness than permission. Better still to anticipate problems all together where possible.