klenwell information services : CakewellConfiguration

Cakewell Configuration


Cakewell deviates from the normal CakePHP configuration in order to accomplish the following goals:
The basic Cakewell application filetree is organized as follows:
`-- cake_core/       <-- "cake" dir from cake source
`-- project1/
  `-- cakephp/       <-- "app" dir from cake source
	`-- webroot/
	  `-- index.php  <-- edit path settings in this file
`-- project2/
  `-- cakephp/
	`-- webroot/
	  `-- index.php

App Configuration

Update these two files (click to see the Cakewell source):
Add this file (no editing should be necessary): Note the differences in structure with the CakePhp defaults. All files are well commented in the Cakewell source.

Webroot Configuration

The following three files in the webroot directory will have to be updated: Set $CakePhpCoreDir in each of the files.