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=====Cakewell Configuration=====

Cakewell deviates from the normal CakePHP configuration in order to accomplish the following goals:
~- One Core, Many Apps
~- One Config, Multiple Domains

The basic Cakewell application filetree is organized as follows:
`-- cake_core/ <-- "cake" dir from cake source
`-- project1/
`-- cakephp/ <-- "app" dir from cake source
`-- webroot/
`-- index.php <-- edit path settings in this file
`-- project2/
`-- cakephp/
`-- webroot/
`-- index.php

====App Configuration====
Update these two files (click to see the Cakewell source):
~- [[http://code.google.com/p/cakewell/source/browse/app/config/core.php.default | app/config/core.php]]
~- [[http://code.google.com/p/cakewell/source/browse/app/config/database.php.default | app/config/database.php]]

Add this file (no editing should be necessary):
~- [[http://code.google.com/p/cakewell/source/browse/app/config/magic.php | app/config/magic.php]]
Note the differences in structure with the CakePhp defaults. All files are well commented in the Cakewell source.

====Webroot Configuration====
The following three files in the webroot directory will have to be updated:
~- index.php
~- test.php
~- cron.php
Set ""<tt>$CakePhpCoreDir</tt>"" in each of the files.