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Greqo Library Overview

Greqo is an open source PHP library for use with various Google Data APIs and services. It integrates PEAR HTTP Request, Magpie RSS, PEAR Cache Lite and PHPMailer classes within an object-oriented architecture and is compatible with both PHP 4 and PHP 5.

At present, Greqo includes interfaces for the following Google services:

The source is available from its Subversion repository at the Google project page.

Important Note: Google Services require SSL support. Please make sure that your version of PHP supports it. If you are getting a "malformed response" error, lack of SSL support is most likely the reason.

Documentation for the library is slowly being added. If you are a PHP developer, check out the test scripts packaged with the library for a hands-on introduction to usage.


Greqo at Google Code
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PEAR HTTP Request Class
Magpie RSS Class

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