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Open Source Software

Some of these I've used. Some I've just seen recommended elsewhere:


anti-virus AVG Anti-Virus 7.5 (grisoft.com) | Avast Anti-Virus | ClamWin GPL Anti-Virus
anti-malware a-squared (emsisoft.com) | ad-aware
privacy Vidalia/Tor Package | Torbutton Firefox Extension (for use with Tor)
encryption GPG
password mushpup disposable passwords

KOSS (Klenwell Recommendations)

os ubuntu linux
browser Firefox
email Gmail | Thunderbird
code editor Komodo Edit | HTML-Kit
graphics GIMP (for windows) gimpshop (photoshop UI emulator)
zip 7-Zip
ftp Filezilla
db designer DB Designer 4


js editor Aptana

Free or Open Services

remote image hosting http://imageshack.us/ http://www.onedump.com/ http://www.bayimg.com/


Why Popular Anti-Virus Apps 'Don't Work' (slashdot.org)