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official statement on Bananaloaf incident
c. virgilius aresessius on the loose!
Sonnet Monkey has a myspace page
Sonnet Monkey has a deviantART page
Sonnet Monkey has a virb page (whatever the hell that is)


Sonnet Monkey was a primate poetry program launched in 2004 by Allied Portal and Engines. In 2005, Jane Goodwell took over as director of the program and, over howls of protest from virtual animal rights groups, opened the Hundred Monkeys Research Facility for the Advanced Development of Primate Prosody. In late 2006, the program and the Hundred Monkey Facility were taken over by Klenwell Labs. In 2007, Klenwell Labs launched the Sonnet Monkey website and Public Archive of Sonnet Monkeys Manuscripts.


Sonnet Monkey Home
Bananaloaf Monkey Colony
The Sonnet Monkiad
Klenwell Labs Sonnet Monkey Facility
Sonnet Monkeys Manuscripts

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