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=====Sonnet Monkey=====

====Latest News====
[[BananaloafIncident | official statement on Bananaloaf incident]]
[[http://sonnetmonkiad.blogspot.com/ | c. virgilius aresessius on the loose!]]
Sonnet Monkey has a [[http://www.myspace.com/sonnetmonkey | myspace page]]
Sonnet Monkey has a [[http://sonnetmonkey.deviantart.com/ | deviantART page]]
Sonnet Monkey has a [[http://virb.com/sonnetmonkey | virb page]] (whatever the hell that is)

Sonnet Monkey was a primate poetry program launched in 2004 by Allied Portal and Engines. In 2005, [[http://www.blogger.com/profile/8257000 | Jane Goodwell]] took over as director of the program and, over howls of protest from virtual animal rights groups, opened the [[http://ahundredmonkeys.blogspot.com/ | Hundred Monkeys Research Facility for the Advanced Development of Primate Prosody]]. In late 2006, the program and the Hundred Monkey Facility were taken over by Klenwell Labs. In 2007, Klenwell Labs launched the [[http://www.sonnetmonkey.com/ | Sonnet Monkey website]] and [[http://sonnetmonkeymanuscripts.blogspot.com/ | Public Archive of Sonnet Monkeys Manuscripts]].

[[http://www.sonnetmonkey.com/ | Sonnet Monkey Home]]
[[http://www.sonnetmonkey.com/colony/ | Bananaloaf Monkey Colony]]
[[http://sonnetmonkiad.blogspot.com/ | The Sonnet Monkiad]]
[[http://www.klenwell.net/sonnet/ | Klenwell Labs Sonnet Monkey Facility]]
[[http://sonnetmonkeymanuscripts.blogspot.com/ | Sonnet Monkeys Manuscripts]]

====Complete List of Monkeys====
Curious Joyce
Hurdy Gurdy
Jorie Kong
William Apespeare
Oscar Dickinwilde
Apocalypse Monkey
Emily Chimpinson
William Chimpsworth
Bobo the Simian
Mr. Gropes