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VPS :: Virtual Private Server

Google Custom Search

I finally reached a point where it became more economical to lease my own Virtual Private Server than the several shared hosting plans for which I was signed up. When I signed up for my first VPS, I had a little experience with Linux, but not enough to confidently fully administer my own production server. So I started searching and researching. This page organizes what I have learned and offers a resource for other new Linux VPS administrators.

Host: John Companies (johncompanies.com)
VPS OS: Ubuntu
My Local OS: Windows XP

Key Steps

Getting Started
Security and the Firewall
Running Apache

Google Custom Search Engine

Around the same time I got my VPS, I discovered Google Co-op, a custom search engine portal, and created my own search engine for this topic. This seems useful for a topic like Linux, where there is a lot of conflicting information, much of which is noise that takes the form of outdated or incomplete information (e.g. mailing list archives, which seem to rank high in a lot of general searches.) I am still adding to the url list. And you can, too. Try it out below:

Google Custom Search