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Linux on an old laptop: desktoplinux.com linuxforums.com freebsd.org
Using 7zip from command line on cygwin
Bulwer-Lytton Bad Fiction Contest: rules home
musical grab bag: Justice with Uffie Ting Tings
nice free fonts
vbs scripts: AD queries pinging computers
php server optimizaton: joelonsoftware forums hudzilla.org
406 error? http://urbangiraffe.com/2005/08/20/mysterious-406-error/
slashdot again on linux security
klenwell image site at pages.google
email trigger php: gg google search troubleshooting
free oss: opencd.org
free pdf printers pdfcreator (my pick)
PHPUnit guide
ubuntu cron more info cron docs
facebook api documentation quick php tutorial
Apache 2, SSL, and Virtual Hosts
linux forensics (slashdot.org)
ubuntu mailserver (flurdy.com)
cookie code
6 css layout keys css sprites
jungle disk
a comment on beautiful code
L-system grammars
Google Books: Annie Dillard's Tinker Creek & von Senden's Space and Sight
drupal dev: to do tutorial forms api
google-analytics.com urchin script
lose at checkers (www.cs.ualberta.ca)
drupal development: home benchmarking webserver configs
pretty code: slashdot oreilly book
vps security: google ubuntu setup about.com secure vps security settings install apf
googles: apache .htaccess passwords
virtual host tutorials: onlamp apache xp local ftp
Simon Tatham's Home Page
hosting issues - more hosting recs
william morris wallpaper
how to play youtube videos offline
isbn fees lulu print-on-demand caveat issn
potential hosts: mediatemple.net jaguarpc.com
branch/tag Tortoise SVN
MinGW (learned about here)
ie-conditional stylesheets: ie-conditional comments
<!--[if IE 6]><link rel="stylesheet" href="ie6.css" media="all" type="text/css" /><![endif]-->

the ie multi-version thingamajig I've been looking for? (tredosoft.com)
underwriting: kzra.org upr.org
blog advertising
"Sufficiently advanced satire is indistinguishable from reality." (I like this quote.)
tango lgpl icon set (see comments for other free icon sets) (digg.com)
latin translators
posting data in js (boutell.com)
NSFW = Now Safe For Work (somethingawful.com)
a coding puzzle (itasoftware.com)
google pages faq
cure for the common sore throat?
800notes.com another one of a growing number of telemarketer logging sites
how many visitors to make $50M? (nytimes.com)
digg senior sysadmin slideshow
everystockphoto.com morguefile.com flickr photo search
Crisis Looms (or is knocking at the door?) (nytimes.com)
Annals of Poetry (nytimes.com)
weblogs.com api
reducing bandwidth (codinghorror.com)
hold for the pop (nytimes.com)
online salary reporting (New York Times) the arts of negotiation (/.)
"Heart to Hang Onto" by Pete Townshend and Ronnie Lane (npr.org)
Snoopy PHP Class
ubuntu programs: russellthedigitalninja.com digg
some rss feeds: slashdot NY Times Yahoo! Google Gawker Digg Wikipedia
code v2 (by lawrence lessig) wiki (socialtext.net)
Maybe We Deserve to Be Ripped Off By Bush's Billionaires (altnet.org)
computer on a stick puppy linux
footer at bottom of viewport (alistapart.com)
college student web tools
shared hosting prospects: servint ($ VPS+) webcinch.com steadfast.net precisioneffect.com mediatemple.net ($)
proxy sites (for when I absolutely, positively need to see it at work): avoidr.com theproxyfree.com
logarithms (wikipedia)
slashdot submission of my Proposal for User ID API
ucop customer service number: 1-800-888-8267
syllabification: English phonotactics (wikipedia) structural formula (ingilish.com)
get syllables (pear.php.net) moby wordlists
custom radio buttons
IPA IPA English Charts IPA vowel chart X-SAMPA (wikipedia)
tobin sprout home page
internet argument! (fark.com)
poetrydaily.org archive
sonnet monkey manuscripts (5130824831237278418)
mark v. shaney python code
split this expression: a b | {a} {b|c} d (ex 1 ex 2 ex 3 ex 4) solution
simple php spam filter (source):
if ( substr_count($string, 'http://') > 1 ) $is_spam = 1;

the ultimate Afro-Eurasian girl of your dreams (digg)
ubuntu installation guide (digg)
kilgarriff's BNC frequency wordlists (POS codes)
crummy.com stock spam monitor
blogger API post uid (google groups)
Notice of Transfer and Release of Liability (dmv.ca.gov)
memory_get_usage() for php on windows (comp.lang.php)
kiwifruit is from China and Italy is the biggest producer (wikipedia)
Massive Resource List for All Autodidacts
interesting post on recent military recruits (fark)
xoops installation
a nice visual summary of the Iraq situation (fark)
  /look further down the page for a chilling (though apt) Goehring quote
pc repair kit (via digg)
owls! (fark)
mit ocw master course list
fark play-by-play of bcs championship game
a cool googlepages page hh
http://imageshack.us/ (fark image hosting)
cleaning your credit report (slashdot)
Attack of the Zombie Computers Is Growing Threat (New York Times)
amusing comment (fark)
photobucket.com (remote hosting site of choice)
spatial searches in php/mysql (comp.lang.php)
software for starving students (not anymore, but still feel like one)
utorrent (rec)
cool graph