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=====Mercurial (Hg)=====
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Notes and references for the usage of Mercurial in development.

[[MercurialBranches | Branches]]

==List Files Changed between Two Revisions==
ref: [[http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2024510/generating-a-list-of-which-files-changed-between-hg-versions/2024591#2024591 | stackoverflow.com]]
%%# hg status --rev x:y
$ hg status --rev default:dev-branch | grep -i '^M'%%

==Untrack a File==
ref: [[http://stevelosh.com/blog/entry/2009/5/29/what-i-hate-about-mercurial/#hg-rm-is-a-confusing-mess | stevelosh.com]]
%%# hg rm -Af FILE (stops tracking without deleting file
$ hg rm -Af /home/me/hg/my-project/cake/app/conf/core.php %%

====Configuration Settings====
""<tt>vim ~/.hgrc</tt>""

Some Recommended Settings
# this can be a path or a url like googlecode
default = https://klenwell.googlecode.com/hg/

username=Tom <klenwell@gmail.com>

# Disable automatic vim diff merge

contact = klenwell@gmail.com
description = a short description
name = project name

# When using the serve option, use this display style
style = gitweb

# Enable the 'glog' graphical log extension

# Enable CVS style variable substitution

[[http://mercurial.selenic.com/wiki/Mercurial | Mercurial Wiki]] (selenic.com)