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Greqo Demo: get blogger blog feed (list of entries)


The example below obtains a ClientLogin authorization token and then uses it to request the list of blogs affiliated with the current user.

A live demo can be found here.

See this page for information on including the Greqo code library in your script.

Sample Code


$_HTML['stdout'] .= '<p>attempting to retrieve blog feed</p>';

// Get Feed
if ( $_DATA['XML_ARRAY'] = $GreqoBlogger->request_feed($GreqoBlogger->blog_id, $num_entries=15, $start=1, $type='full') )
    $_HTML['stdout'] .= '<p class="success">feed retrieved (see below)</p>';
    $feed_array = print_r($_DATA['XML_ARRAY'], 1);
    $_HTML['result'] .= "<pre>{$feed_array}</pre>";
    $_CSS['result_height'] = "height:240px;";
    $_HTML['stdout'] .= '<p class="failure">request failed (devs have been notified)</p>';