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Welcome to the Klenwell Wiki

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This wiki is online knowledge base. It is where I keep documentation and notes related to my projects and to development in general.

Nowadays, when I discover something related to software development that is not widely known and may be of more general interest, I usually try to share it to StackOverflow, Github, or JSFiddle. If it's something that I want to make public that's not appropriate for one of those forums, it usually ends up here.


2016.01.16 Signed up for Good Judgment Project.
2016.01.11 Dropped Verizon in favor of T-Mobile
2015.11.14 Signed up for Amazon Web Services and set up static S3 site
2015.08.23 Published Interview Worksheet (version 2)
2015.06.13 Upgraded Press to WordPress 4.2.2
2015.05.31 Released Recruiters-on-Rails
2015.04.14 Reached 1000 points on Hacker News
2015.04.02 Created Interview Worksheet

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Wikka Development

I chose the wikka code to run this wiki because it is built with php/mysql, is open source, and runs a bit more nimbly than other packages.

With my upgrade to wikka version 1.2, I've resumed developing my own wikka code features and themes.

For more information, including a list of features I am working on, see ProjectWikka