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Welcome to the Klenwell Wiki

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This wiki is the center of my online universe. It serves as SpecialWhiteboard whiteboard, SpecialCocktailNapkin cocktail napkin, and memory supplement. It is also where I keep documentation and notes related to my projects and to development in general.

A list of my most active current projects is listed at right. For a more complete list of these projects and other themes and topics of special interest within this wiki, see the CategoryCategory Categories page.


2012.11.24 PygameDemo01 Basic Pygame Demo
2012.09.17 ProjectEuler Project Euler Level 1
2012.09.03 Pushed first PlaynSimple code to Google Code site
2012.08.09 Launched PlaynSimple project
2012.07.31 New RegistrationRecaptcha wikka plugin replaces UserSettingsRecaptcha plugin
2012.07.12 ProjectLastGoogle LastGoogle Issue 12 (broken parser) fixed
2012.06.22 Upgraded laptop to Ubuntu 12.04
2012.06.19 Updated LinkedIn password and profile
2012.06.11 Migrated to new Galaxy Nexus phone
2012.03.30 Published PlaynDev Sample App to Google Code Site
2012.03.10 Re-activated Launchpad Account
2012.02.20 Subscribed to New York Times Digital Edition
2012.02.16 Upgraded to Ubuntu 11.10 on New HP Pavilion g7 PC
2012.01.21 Signed Up to Donate $10/mo to Wikimedia Foundation in Support of Wikipedia
2012.01.16 WikkaUpgradeCore WikkaWiki Version 1.3 Upgrade

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Wikka Development

I chose the wikka code to run this wiki because it is built with php/mysql, is open source, and runs a bit more nimbly than other packages.

With my upgrade to wikka version 1.2, I've resumed developing my own wikka code features and themes.

For more information, including a list of features I am working on, see ProjectWikka