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Welcome to My Wiki

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I've created this wiki to serve as my own personal public knowledge base. It is where I keep documentation and notes related to my projects, career, and life more generally. My own little Wikipedia.

Ideally, I (or you, in some cases) will be able to come to this page and in less than three clicks find an answer (or link to an answer) to any question related to me or what I do.


Best Practices




Tools / Services

More About Me


Five most recent interesting things that have happened to me:

2018.09.01 Reorganized this page to reflect general principles I have developed in professional practive.
2017.01.29 Wrote congressional representatives in opposition to Trump Executive Order banning migrants and refugees.
2017.01.07 Enabled HTTPS with Let's Encrypt.
2016.07.08 Upgraded WikkaWiki to version 1.3.7.
2016.07.07 Moved blog to wordpress.com.

Past Announcements

Wikka Development

I chose the wikka code to run this wiki because it is built with php/mysql, is open source, and runs a bit more nimbly than other packages.

With my upgrade to wikka version 1.2, I've resumed developing my own wikka code features and themes.

For more information, including a list of features I am working on, see ProjectWikka