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Javascript/Ecmascript Data Object

JEDO (JavaScript/EcmaScript Data Object) is a simple, flexible schema proposed for javascript array objects so that they can be defined and manipulated more like database rows.

A JEDO file consists of two major variables:

JEDODEF an array-like object containing meta-information about the data in the file.

JEDO an array object containing the actual application data available for remote loading.

JEDO allows the data to be structured in whatever way suits the application -- normally as an aggregation of objects representing rows in a database. Where a useful standard is recognized, it may be proposed as a JEDOn standard where n is an integer and the designation is applied as the variable name for the JEDOn object.

The JEDO0 (zero) standard is defined simply as JEDO0[row_num] = { 'blob' : blob };

The standard, if it ever it stabilizes as a standard, is still evolving and may change as it is used in new applications. A protoype can be found in the klenwell code repository.


JEDO demo
JEDO File Loader Code
JEDO prototype