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J.ini is my template for packaging composite Javascript packages. It tries to provide a simple, orderly framework for developing classes and combining them with other classes. The latest version of J.ini can be found in my Google Code repository.

A basic J.ini package includes a class.ini.js file and a class.core.js file. The ini file dynamically loads the core file along with any other dependent files and declares a minimalistic constructor class. This constructor class then gets fleshed out and extended in the class.core.js file.

license : GPL2
source : google code
demo : klenwell.googlepages.com


J.ini object constructor
// base class constructor
// ** EDIT Class Name
function DemoClass(_debug)
    // set meta properties
    this.debug = _debug;
    this.name = META['name'];
    this.version = META['version'];
    this.filename = META['filename'];
    this.dirpath = META['dirpath'];

    /* extend this class with an ini method and call that to pass any needed parameters */

}; // end cx

Visit the klenwell google code repository for the full source.


J.ini demo
J.ini source (klenwell google code repository)