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Moshi FAQ : Masthead Image Missing

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I've added your banner code. Why can't I see my image?

One of two problem, in all likelihood:

1) You added the css rule, but forgot the html for the banner itself. That is, you need to put your banner in a div tag, something like:

<div class="moshi_banner">
<a class="banner_link" href="http://code.google.com/p/moshi/">
<img src="URL_HERE" alt="moshi banner" border="0" />

That goes in your About Me section, but outside the style tags for the CSS. That is the html that the rule then gets applied to, moving the banner into the proper position. See this entry for more info.

2) You either have the wrong url for your image set, or the server hosting your image is having issues.

(Previously answered here).