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Myspace Masthead Positioning Issues

I was able to get your latest [masthead code] and Custom Contacts working without a hitch. Great code by the way. However, now, without changing any of the code at all, the [masthead code] stays within the BIO section (I have an artist page) and the Custom Contact does not seem to show up at all only after submitting the same code. For one site I did it for, I clicked on edit for the BIO section, changed nothing in the code at all, and then pressed preview and submit and now it doesn't work correctly. It seems like maybe Myspace changed something that affected the coding.

Any ideas of what could be wrong? Thanks again for the great code, you do great work!

Thanks, Will

Also had the same problem... then discovered that Myspace was turning the "position:absolute" tag into ".." Any way around this?

Moshi Response

Add the css inline, like so:
<a class="my_banner" style="position:absolute; left: 50%; top: 164px;"><img src="http://www.seekingthroughsilence.com/gif/myspace_top.jpg" alt="my banner" border="0"></a>

However, see note from JPF below, where he notes that the problem may be making too many updates to your profile within a certain period and that, if that is the case, this fix won't work. His solution: wait 24 hours or so and try again.

I tried [this] and it worked! Excellent reply. Can't thank you enough. Just as a quick side note, it does attack both sites I sent you. The only reason the other one (still) works is because I didn't re-submit the (same) code. If I go back to the site that is working and preview the code untouched, the problem comes up. I do know that when Myspace attacks (tweaking) code, they always do it when you submit it, but if you already had submitted it prior, then it will be fine until you do so again. Oh Myspace with your tricks! Thanks again Tom for your help and quick reply, I'm back on track.


Some Further Response From Outsider
I won't push my stay here, but from what I found is they remove the "position:absolute" tag ( by turning it into ".." ) after you have updated your profile a certain number of times. The reason behind this I have no idea, but I suspect it could be prevention of automatic profile content insertion. At any rate, I waited it out for a day and was back on track. I haven't had a problem since with MySpace removing the tag.
Your best bet might be to do your profile edits in moderation.

Just helping where I can,