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Myspace Fonts Cheat Sheet

Typography is a critical aspect of all web design. And while it may seem overly optimistic to invoke the term design when talking about pimping out a myspace profile, even most casual users looking to spruce up their profile will appreciate the difference a choice in fonts can make, once they see it. This page attempts to identify and list all the font classes currently used in the standard myspace profile.

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Myspace Font Index

profile table
whole table: table table table
left column: table table table td
right column*: table table table td.text
*"left column, right column settings must be in this order

profile info box (name and photo)
block: .profileInfo
header (name): .nametext

interests and details box
block: .interestsAndDetails
header: .interestsAndDetails .whitetext12
label: .interestsAndDetails .lightbluetext8

blog box
block: table.latestBlogEntry
header: table.latestBlogEntry span.btext

blurbs box
block: table.blurbs
header: table.blurbs .orangetext15
subheader*: table.blurbs table .orangetext15
*"about me", "who I'd like to meet" header – setting must follow header setting

friend space
block: .friendSpace
header: table.friendSpace .orangetext15
friend count / number: table.friendSpace .btext / table.friendSpace .redbtext
view all friends link: table.friendSpace a.redlink

comments box
block: .friendsComments
header: .friendsComments .orangetext15
comment count number: table.friendsComments table .redtext
comment table: table td.text table.friendsComments table table
comment date: .friendsComments .blacktext10
comment links: .friendsComments .commentlinks a

navigation bar (upper)
general: .navigationBar or .navigationBar font
links: .navigationBar font a

myspace url
header: table table table table strong
text: table table table div

network box
block: table > div.section > table.extendedNetwork
text: .blacktext12

lower navbar links
table div div

myspace footer
table div font

Myspace Font Selector Index

contact table header, interests and details box header

blurbs header (and subheader), friend space header, comments header

interests and details label

network box

comment date

comment action links

blog box header, friend count

friend count number

comment count number

view all friends link

interests and details box (see above for additional selectors)

.navigationBar font / .navigationBar font a
navigation bar text and links

table table table table strong / table table table div
myspace url header and text