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How do I ask a question here? (sample question)
Simply login as MoshiGuest (pw: moshi) -- or register for yourself. Then double click this page to edit it (or click here) and add your question in the New Questions section below. Please follow the formatting used for this question above. I will answer your questions as soon as possible -- usually within 24 hours. So just check back here in a few hours.

Read the FAQs below, first, to see if your questions is answered. Also make sure you do research in all the other usual places first for a quicker response.


Q: I've added your banner code. Why can't I see my image?
A: Click Here

Q: My masthead image is showing but it is overlapping the tables at the top of my page :( Is there a simple way to make more room at the top?
A: Click Here

Q: I suddenly have a gap above my comments section that is the same size as the gap at the top for my banner. Any idea how to correct this?
A: Click Here

Q: Why is my banner showing up in my bio section?
A: Click Here

New Questions

Q: I have a Band Site. My problem is the "Shows & Dates calender on the profile... the Shows and Dates are side by side...there is a huge space between them so the show doesn't get seen...it's probably a left/right padding issue but i can't find anything major on the style sheet that can fix this. ....any suggestions?...thank you..

Q: How do I put a banner in the "Extendednetwork" section?

Q: When I use your moshi v2.0 stylesheet (mostly for that banner) I end up with a screwed up mast; those myspace buttons and that google-search bar get entertwined (or smashed together). And I've noticed it happens to those sample pages you uploaded too, so perhaps there's a bug in the code..?