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===== Mushpup =====
==== Overview ====
Mushpup provides security, convenience, and consistency in creating passwords for use with websites. Used in conjunction with [[https://github.com/klenwell/mushpup/wiki/Notation | Mushpup notation]], it offers a reliable mechanism for keeping track of unique password across multiple websites and for multiple accounts on a single website. For more information, visit https://mushpup.org/.

==== Fingerpost ====
~- Home Page: https://mushpup.org/
~- App Engine Version: https://mushpup-demo.appspot.com/
~- Source Code: https://github.com/klenwell/mushpup
~- Documentation: https://github.com/klenwell/mushpup/wiki

==== Surprise! ====
~- My password for this site is: "" <tt style="color:blue;">m{ klenwell.com/is/KlenwellAdmin }</tt>"".
~- Mushpup is not recommended for high sensitivity sites, like your Banking sites. But even then, using it in these cases would be an improvement over how many people handle them.
~- Mushpup operates entirely client-side and doesn't save anything to the server. (This shouldn't be a surprise.)

==== Troubleshooting ====
To report an issue, please visit the Github repository's Issues page:

~- https://github.com/klenwell/mushpup/issues