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Klenwell GmailMailer

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GmailMailer is an extension of PHPMailer for use with Gmail accounts via smtp. Unlike the other solutions I've found to the problem of using PHPMailer with Gmail, GmailMailer -- by extending the PHPMailer class and overriding a couple function -- does not require any modification of the PHPMailer class itself.

It can be downloaded together with a test script from the klenwell code site. The source is available from the repository.


Google policy does not allow "third party software that automatically logs in to your account". For more info, click here


GmailMailer does not come packaged with PHPMailer. That can be downloaded here. GmailMailer calls the file for the PHPMailer base class around line 65:

// *** IMPORTANT : set path to directory holding PHPMailer base class here
$__PHPMAILER['dirpath'] = '';
$__PHPMAILER['basename'] = 'class.phpmailer.php';
require_once($__PHPMAILER['dirpath'] . $__PHPMAILER['basename']);

The simplest way to accomplish this is to drop GmailMailer in the same directory as PHPMailer and leave $__PHPMAILER['dirpath'] blank. Otherwise, $__PHPMAILER['dirpath'] should be pointed to the directory in which PHPMailer is found.


This is the same code from the test script. Username and Password below would be your gmail email address (e.g. klenwell@gmail.com) and password.
    // settings
    $_PATH['gmailer'] = 'gmailer.class.php';
    // run
    $Mailer = new GmailMailer($debug=1);
    $Mailer->Username = '';
    $Mailer->Password = '';
    $Mailer->FromName = 'Your Name';
    $Mailer->AddAddress('recipient@gmail.com', 'Recipient Name');
    $Mailer->Subject = 'testing GmailMailer';
    $Mailer->Body = "This is a test of GmailMailer, an extension of PHPMailer for use with Gmail accounts.";
    if ( !$Mailer->send_email() )
        trigger_error('drats! It failed', E_USER_WARNING);
        $Mailer->print_d('Message successfully sent!');