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2018.05.05 Sister's wedding in Maui, HI.
2018.02.02 Return from 3-day trip to home office in Grand Rapids, MI.
2018.01.26 Start new Lead Engineer position at FormulaFolios.


2017.01.29 Wrote congressional representatives in opposition to Trump Executive Order banning migrants and refugees.
2017.01.07 Enabled HTTPS with Let's Encrypt.


2016.07.08 Upgraded WikkaWiki to version 1.3.7.
2016.07.07 Moved blog to wordpress.com.
2016.06.16 Restyled home page.
2016.01.16 Signed up for Good Judgment Project.
2016.01.11 Dropped Verizon in favor of T-Mobile
2016.01.10 David Bowie dies / I am fired from the worst job I've ever had.


2015.11.14 Signed up for Amazon Web Services and set up static S3 site
2015.08.23 Published Interview Worksheet (version 2)
2015.06.13 Upgraded Press to WordPress 4.2.2
2015.05.31 Released Recruiters-on-Rails
2015.04.14 Reached 1000 points on Hacker News
2015.04.02 Created Interview Worksheet
2015.03.23 Added profile to StackOverflow Careers
2015.03.18 Reached 2000 points on StackOverflow
2015.02.07 Signed up for MailChimp
2015.02.05 jQuery Idleness Monitor
2015.01.19 Joined Flickchart


2014.10.31 Mailed in 2014 General Election ballot
2014.10.21 Resume updated
2014.04.26 Created Neechy project on Github
2014.03.30 Set up Travis CI for WikkaWiki Repo
2014.03.29 Gist to install WikkaWiki from Github
2014.01.18 Javascript Neo-Parasite Class (v2)
2014.01.11 Submitted Pull Request for WikkaWiki Test Suite Stub


2013.12.21 Forked WikkaWiki on Github
2013.10.08 Signed up for DevTable
2013.09.23 HocObject Neo-Parasitic Inheritance in Javascript
2013.08.12 Completed all Duolingo Spanish lessons
2013.07.20 Disabled registration to prevent spam user accounts
2013.05.29 Started studying Spanish with Duolingo Android app
2013.05.12 Gist: Stateful Google App Engine Model
2013.05.09 Created Github account and added Wikka Bootstrap template
2013.04.28 Fiddle: Simple State Machine
2013.04.18 First Amazon Review (for Bad Pharma by Ben Goldacre)
2013.04.15 Created JS Fiddle account
2013.03.31 Replaced UserSettingsRecaptcha plugin with RegistrationRecaptcha plugin to fix registration issue
2013.03.06 Upgraded to WikkaWiki Version 1.3.4
2013.02.23 Created Trello Org for open source projects


2012.12.12 Started Python Tutorial
2012.11.24 Basic Pygame Demo
2012.09.17 Project Euler Level 1
2012.09.03 Pushed first PlaynSimple code to Google Code site
2012.08.09 Launched PlaynSimple project
2012.07.31 New RegistrationRecaptcha wikka plugin replaces UserSettingsRecaptcha plugin
2012.07.12 LastGoogle Issue 12 (broken parser) fixed
2012.06.22 Upgraded laptop to Ubuntu 12.04
2012.06.19 Updated LinkedIn password and profile
2012.06.11 Migrated to new Galaxy Nexus phone
2012.03.30 Published PlaynDev Sample App to Google Code Site
2012.03.10 Re-activated Launchpad Account
2012.02.20 Subscribed to New York Times Digital Edition
2012.02.16 Upgraded to Ubuntu 11.10 on New HP Pavilion g7 PC
2012.01.21 Signed Up to Donate $10/mo to Wikimedia Foundation in Support of Wikipedia
2012.01.16 Upgraded to WikkaWiki Version 1.3.2


2011.12.11 Re-registered for Stack Overflow
2011.10.19 Graph: State Budget Expenditures by Top 25 Departments
2011.08.06 Appswell Core Beta Release for Google App Engine
2011.06.20 Appswell Multicache Library for Google App Engine
2011.02.27 Klenwell Summer Re-released
2011.01.06 Paradigms, Templates, and Patterns


2010.12.10 Command Line Script to Reset Host for WordPress
2010.11.29 Wiki Moved to Linode VPS
2010.11.21 Tweepy API Objects (Twitter Lib for Python)
2010.11.18 Linode VPS Webserver Launched
2010.10.15 LastGoogle RC3 release
2010.07.12 Flattr Account created
2010.06.21 Ubuntu Command Line Gmail Setup Script (Nail Version)
2010.05.24 Ubuntu Command Line Gmail Setup Script
2010.05.24 Appswell Version 0.8 Released
2010.05.19 Google Fonts API Demonstration
2010.05.11 Wikka ReCaptcha Login/Registration Action Released
2010.04.29 Wikka Comment ReCaptcha Form Released
2010.04.13 Wikka Activity Summary Action Released
2010.04.12 Cakewell Version 0.9 Released
2010.03.29 Klenwell Wikka Command Line Interface Released
2010.03.22 Klenwell Wikka Theme Released
2010.03.11 WikkaWiki version 1.2 Upgrade