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online cocktail napkin

links and notes for later organization

mark v. shaney python code
split this expression: a b | {a} {b|c} d (ex 1 ex 2 ex 3 ex 4) solution
simple php spam filter (source):
if ( substr_count($string, 'http://') > 1 ) $is_spam = 1;

the ultimate Afro-Eurasian girl of your dreams (digg)
ubuntu installation guide (digg)
kilgarriff's BNC frequency wordlists (POS codes)
crummy.com stock spam monitor
blogger API post uid (google groups)
Notice of Transfer and Release of Liability (dmv.ca.gov)
memory_get_usage() for php on windows (comp.lang.php)
kiwifruit is from China and Italy is the biggest producer (wikipedia)
Massive Resource List for All Autodidacts
interesting post on recent military recruits (fark)
xoops installation
a nice visual summary of the Iraq situation (fark)
  /look further down the page for a chilling (though apt) Goehring quote
pc repair kit (via digg)
owls! (fark)
mit ocw master course list
fark play-by-play of bcs championship game
a cool googlepages page
http://imageshack.us/ (fark image hosting)
cleaning your credit report (slashdot)
Attack of the Zombie Computers Is Growing Threat (New York Times)
amusing comment (fark)
photobucket.com (remote hosting site of choice)
spatial searches in php/mysql (comp.lang.php)
software for starving students (not anymore, but still feel like one)
utorrent (rec)
cool graph