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Activity Summary Action


The Activity Summary Action has three different modes: Viewer, Admin, and CLI. An ordinary viewer looking at it in a browser will see the Most Active Pages, as in the section below. An admin will see that as well as a plain text report, as in the screenshot below. And in CLI mode, a plain text report will be emailed to a specified address.

A package including all the necessary files is available here:

To install, download the package and copy the files into your wikka root.


PHP 5.1+
Activity Summary Action (source)
Klenwell Wikka Action Class (source)
Klenwell Wikka Command Line Interface with cli page handler
PhpMailer (in 3rdparty/plugins directory)
Klenwell Wikka Config (for gmail integration) (source)

The files are all included in the download package.


Unzip the archive and copy the contents of this package to your wikkawiki root
$ tar xf wikka_action_activitysummary-v0.9.1.tgz
$ cp -Rf wikka_action_activitysummary/* /PATH/TO/wikka/


Wikka Page Code

{{activitysummary interval="24" activepages="10" emailto="admin@example.com"}}

Action Parameters

From Command Line

php /var/www/wikka/cli.php -c klenwell.com ActionWikkaSummary

Command Line Options

Cron Settings for This Site
10 0 * * *     php /var/www/wikka/cli.php AdminActivity


Admin Browser View

admin view



Wikka Activity Summary

Most Active Pages (last 24 hours)

no page edits during this period