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Base Action Class

source: https://gist.github.com/klenwell/5564387

The Klenwell Wikka Action Class (WAC) provides some common useful methods for actions using the action class pattern. It serves as a base class for specific action classes.

It offers mail, database, and data persistence methods. See the source code for the full API.


require_once 'libs/action.class.php';

class SampleAction extends WikkaAction {

    var $version = '1.0';

    # parameter defaults
    var $some_parameter = 'hello world';

    # internal
    # add internal variables

    function action_set_up() {
        if ( $this->has_param('some_parameter') ) {
            $this->some_parameter = $this->get_param('some_parameter');
    function main() {
        return $this->some_parameter;
    function output($content) {
        print $content;

# Main Routine
try {
    $Action = new SampleAction($this, $vars);
    $content = $Action->main();
catch(Exception $e) {
    printf('<em class="error">%s</em>', $e->getMessage());


Classes using the Klenwell wikka action class:

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Data Persistence
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