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Wikka Change Notifier

This script will email user of changes in a wikka wiki via cron job. It uses the SimplePie library to read the Wikka RecentChanges XML page and PHPMailer library to email the notice. It is packaged with both under terms of the GPL.

download here


Because of the wikka .htaccess settings, you can't put it in the wikka directory (as far as I know). I usually upload to the web root directory.

To test, set $_SET['call_directly'] = 1 and call page in browser.

I've tried to minimize changes needed to configure. There are two sections marked setting: Path Settings and Script Settings:

// * Path Settings
$_DIR['super'] = dirname($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']) . _DS;
$_DIR['this_root'] = dirname(__FILE__) . _DS;
$_DIR['wikka_root'] = $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . _DS . 'wikka' . _DS;
$_DIR['simplepie'] = $_DIR['this_root'] . 'SimplePie' . _DS;
$_DIR['phpmailer'] = $_DIR['this_root'] . 'phpmailer' . _DS;
$_PATH['simplepie_cache'] = $_DIR['this_root'] . 'cache' . _DS;

// * Script Settings
$_SET['update_period'] = 6// hours
$_SET['wikka_xml_feed'] = 'http://DOMAIN.com/wikka' . '/RecentChanges/recentchanges.xml';
$_SET['email_to'] = 'YOUR_EMAIL@gmail.com';
$_SET['email_to_name'] = 'Wikka Admin';
$_SET['email_from_name'] = 'Wikka Update Notifier';
$_SET['email_from'] = $_SERVER['SERVER_ADMIN'];
$_SET['email_subject'] = 'Wikka Changes Update : ' . date('r');
$_SET['call_directly'] = 0;     // for testing, set to 0 to run as cron exclusively

Coordinate cron tab with $_SET['update_period'] -- i.e., if it is set to 6 (hours), run your cron every 6 hours. With my cPanel accounts, I use the following command:

lynx -dump 'http://yourdomain.com/wikka_changemail/cron.changemail.php'

When successfully run, the script will send an email that looks like this:

SUBJECT: Wikka Changes Update : Fri, 16 Mar 2007 18:30:01 -0500 

2 changes to http://www.klenwell.net/is/ in last 6 hours

KlenwellAdmin (2007-03-16 14:30:52 by KlenwellAdmin) 
updated 0 days 3 hours 59 mins 9 secs ago

HostingAdminCron (2007-03-16 12:42:10 by KlenwellAdmin) 
updated 0 days 5 hours 47 mins 51 secs ago


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