klenwell information services : WikkaCommandLineInterface

Wikka Command Line Interface


This is an adaptation of the main wikka.php script for command line usage. It offers a new dimension of backend functionality and proves especially useful for scheduled cron usage, like running nightly reports and importing or exporting content.

In adapting the cli.php script from wikka.php, I tried to maintain the essential relevant functionality while cleaning up the existing wikka.php code, which appears to contain a bit of cruft. I believe the cli.php offers some suggestions for how the wikka.php file might be refactored.

php /home/klenwell/projects/klenwell/www/is/cli.php [-c CONFIG_KEY] page/method

# test
php /home/klenwell/projects/klenwell/www/is/cli.php -t

Note: The default handler for the cli.php script is the cli page handler, which formats the output especially for the command line.

Source: http://code.google.com/p/klenwell/source/browse/trunk/projects/php/wikka/cli.php