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Version 1.3 Upgrade

New Version: 1.3.2-p7
Previous Version: 1.2-p1
Date: 2012.01.16
Duration: 4-6 hours


This update was complicated by several backwards compatibility issues. I also noticed a potential security liability with the installer script. I have detailed the issue and outlined a fix here: http://wikkawiki.org/KlenwellAdminOnlyInstaller

Update Steps

  1. Download and install code to base wikka dir
  2. Run wikka auto-update script from web-interface
  3. Reconcile old and new config files using config-diff tool
  4. Replace GetMethod() calls with GetHandler() in plugins/templates/klenwell/header.php
  5. Update custom login form in plugins/actions/usersettingsrecaptcha/usersettingsrecaptcha.php
  6. Update action class libs/action.class.php to use new comment permissions
  7. Restore menus in config directories to customized pre-config versions
  8. Update customized show handler LoadComments call and move from plugins/handlers/page/show.php to plugins/handlers/show/show.php
  9. Move custom actions from plugins/actions/action.php to plugins/actions/action/action.php subdirectory
  10. Update cli.php and move cli handler from plugins/handlers/page/cli.php to plugins/handlers/cli/cli.php