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Secure Upgrade

How do I securely upgrade a live Wikka Wiki site?
Wikka wiki include a web-based upgrade script. However, this script exposes the upgrade form to any visitor while the site is upgrading. How can I upgrade my live public wiki site as an admin without exposing the upgrade form to other non-admin visitors?


1. Backup database and current wiki directory.
cd /path/to/mywiki/wiki
cp -Rv ../wiki /tmp/wiki-backup-$(date +%Y%m%d)
mysqldump MY_WIKI_DB | bzip2 > /tmp/MY_WIKI_DB-$(date +%Y%m%d).bz2

2. Add plain text file name locked to your wiki directory with a temporary (plaintext) password on first line.
cd /path/to/mywiki/wiki
touch locked
echo "mytmppassword" > locked

3. Download latest version of Wikka Wiki source and copy into wiki directory.
cd /tmp
wget http://wikkawiki.org/downloads/Wikka-x.x.x.zip
unzip Wikka-x.x.x.zip
cp Wikka-x.x.x/* /path/to/mywiki/wiki

4. Proceed with upgrade by visiting site in browser.
5. Removed locked file
cd /path/to/mywiki/wiki
rm locked
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